Pauline Park in the media & on the web

Pauline Park has been quoted and cited by media outlets and by individuals and organizations on-line; these are links to those references to her and her activism and writing:

A Conversation with Transgender Activist Pauline Park (Out-FM, WBAI, 7.25.23)

Amos (by Pauline Park for Justice Unbound: The Intersections of Faith & Justice, 7.18.23)

These Umbrella-Twirling Drag Defenders Are Protecting Libraries from Bigots (Kelly Weill, Daily Beast, 6.25.23)

Photos: Lunar New Year for All contingent barrels through Chinatown (Adrian Childress, Gay City News, 2.14.23)

Drag Story Hour in Jackson Heights draws hundreds (Deirdre Bardolf, Queens Chronicle, 1.5.23)

“We The Experts” adoptee speaker series: “Transgender Adoptees & Identity” (5.14.22)

LGBTQ Contingent Stands Strong at NYC Lunar New Year Parade (Gay City News, 2.25.22)

More than 400 Asian New Yorkers sign letter opposing Yang (Sydney Kashiwagi, City & State New York, 4.21.21)

Mimi Rosenberg’s interview with Pauline Park on “Equal Rights & Justice” (WBAI radio, 4.1.21)

Asian-American Community Takes a Stand Against Hate (Gay City News, 3.24.21)

On the Shoulders of Giants: Queer/Trans Asian Legacies in the US (interview with AZI Media: 17:30-34:00) 

Asian Americans & the Lessons of the Atlanta Massacre (speech at the Elmhurst vigil, 3.21.21)

University of Illinois faculty & staff reject efforts to suppress Palestinian freedom & solidarity (Mondoweiss, 12.23.20) (signature)

Pride Month APA virtual town hall (6.30.20)

Homophobia in the office illegal: SCOTUS” (Katherine Donleavy, 6.18.20)

Done With de Blasio, Progressives Say (Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 6.5.20)

In Search of Ancestors (Sarah Ngu, the Margins, 12.4.19)

24 LGBTQ+ Organizations You Can Support Right Now (Alex Velazquez, 6.7.19)

Trump wants to deny transgender rights on religious grounds. But what if gender identity itself is a matter of the soul? (S.I. Rosenbaum, Boston Globe, 7.5.19)

An Interview with Dr. Pauline Park (Exposing Adoption, 6.18.19)

7 Queer Activists Past & Present Whose Names You Should Know (Naveen Kumar, Them.Us, 6.14.19)

This Is My Unbelievable But Totally True Transgender Ghost Story (Andy Marra, Huffington Post, 10.27.18)

5 Inspiring Stories of Transgender Women Showcase Strength & Courage (New York Image Consultant, 9.20.18)

Redefining Pride: Mia Nakano Collects Stories for Revolutionary Archives (Emily homes, KQED, 9.11.18)

Vote for the homo, not the Cuomo for N.Y. governor (Pauline Park, Washington Blade, 8.15.18)

Despite Trump’s deportation machine and crisis over family separations, for-profit ICE jail in Queens goes overlooked (Progress New York, 7.21.18)

Vem är kvinna? (by Maria Jacobson, Feministiskt Perspektiv, 6.1.18)

GAPIMNY Gaysian Diaries: Diary Entry #28: Realizing the Authentic Self — The Journey of a Transgendered Korean Adoptee (Pauline Park, 6.1.18)

Side By Side project interview with Glenn Morey

Queens Memory Program: Frank Kipnis interview with Pauline Park (3.12.18)

Caitlyn Jenner To Receive ‘Champion of Israel’ Award, Sparking Anger From Activists (by Cutis M. Wong, Huffpost Queer Voices, 2.1.18)

Mieke D Responds to PillowTalk’s 2nd Long-Table: On Queer and TransMagic in the Werkplace (Mieke D,, 1.25.18)

Facing racial backlash, presumed next Council speaker Corey Johnson reportedly assaulted Black man in 2013 (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 12.24.17)

Conversion therapy banned in five boroughs

Examining the power of Queens Democrats (by Anthony O’Reilly, Queens Chronicle, 12.7.17)

Money, Power & Politics: Queens Democrats Examined (12.4.17) (video)

Top 100 Most Famous Transgender People Around the World in 2017

Some feminists oppress trans women by continuing to exclude them from language of legal protections: activists (by Louis Flores,  Progress Queens, 10.2.17)

Chris Hedges, Activist Pauline Park on Trans Oppression (video) (9.6.17)

Postscript: Activist faces possibility of censorship over Progress Queens interview about BDS advocacy (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 8.19.17)

Letter from New York: LGBT civil rights leader discusses BDS and false accusations of anti-Semitism (interview with Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 8.16.17)

Pauline Park talk at the LGBT at Work conference in Madrid (6.29.17)

This transgender Jew is tired of the anti-Semitism in the LGBTI community (by Rafaella Gunz, Gay Star News, 7.16.17)

Descolonizar Espacios e Identidades (Matadero, Madrid, 6.30.17)

Pauline Park at the LGBT@Work conference (Madrid, 6.29.17)

LGBT@Work conference (Madrid, 6.29.17)

Woman in New York Advocates for Increased Understanding of Transgender Americans (by Justin Hashimoto, Freedom for All Americans Education Fund, 6.6.17)

CLO: In Jackson Heights, the Queens Pride Parade (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 6.4.17)

Third World Newsreel has added “Coming Full Circle” documentary about Pauline Park to its catalog

Urban Nomad Film Festival screens “Coming Full Circle” documentary about Pauline Park (5.14.17)

Don’t Forget the Long, Proud History of Transgender Activism (by Jacob Anderson-Minshall, the Advocate, 5.1.17)

My Dinner with Pauline (by Kiva Offenholley, kivaQblog, 4.13.17) 

Documentary about activist Pauline Park reveals a personal tale that never strays far from politics (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 4.2.17)

Activists talk Trump’s transgender order (by Isabella Bruni, Queens Chronicle, 3.2.17)

AETM 374: “Words” on Artists Exposed with Tym Moss (11.26.16) 

Letter from New York: After criticism of his absence on NC travel ban, Sen. Holman documents his LGBT leadership (by Louis Flores, 1.12.17) 

Femidangdang ‘Feminists Take on Presidency’ event (video) (Pauline Park from 2:19 to 2:41, with Q&A following) (1.14.17) 

Palestinians: Trump May Not Be Better For Palestine, But He Can’t Be Worse (Joe Catron, MintPress News, 12.2.16)

KRB podcast: Pauline Park

BDS: A Striving Initiative for Palestinian Liberation (Arab America, 11.30.16) 

Boro’s LGBT community pledges to fight Trump (Christopher Barca, Queens Chronicle, 11.17.16)

Why Trump Won and Why that Matters (Oz Sultan, The Ish, 11.12.16) 

Pauline Park & Schuyler Swenson (10.23.16)

On Cis Actors Playing Trans Characters (by Rafaella Gunz,, 9.27.16) 

LGBT Issues Animate Queens Senate Primary (by Andy Humm, GCN, 9.1.16)

Dream of a World That Does Not Discriminate: LGBT Panel Workshop  (by So Young, News M, 8.5.16)
성소수자 차별받지 않는 세상을 꿈꾼다성소수자 지지를 위한 패널 워크숍

The first ever Queens Book Festival unfolds at Kaufman Astoria Studios on Sunday (, 7.4.16)

The Iran Deal: Stop the Dialogue of Hate (by Lewis H. Goldstein, Bronx Chronicle, 8.28.15)

The many faces of pro-Israel anti-pinkwashers (by Rachel Delia Benaim, Jerusalem Post, 6.26.16)

Expert comments on bathroom rules: Leading NYC transgender activist on Obama admin’s new guidelines (by Suzanne Ciechalski, Queens Chronicle, 5.19.16)

The debate over transgender rights continues (AM Joy with Joy Reid, MSNBC, 5.16.16)

The debate over transgender rights continues (AM Joy with Joy Reid, MSNBC, 5.16.16) 

Expert comments on bathroom rules: Leading NYC transgender activist on Obama admin’s new guidelines (by Suzanne Ciechalski, Queens Chronicle, 5.19.16) 

“Coming Full Circle” wins best documentary award in the first Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival (April 2016)

At Clinton campaign LGBT outreach event, an establishment echo chamber averse to questions (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 4.7.16)

Clinton, Sanders conduct trans outreach ahead of N.Y. primary (by Chris Johnson, Washington Blade, 4.1.16) 

The ‘mystery’ behind Clinton’s HIV gaffe (by Chris Johnson, Washington Blade, 3.15.16)

Five takeaways from the Clinton-Reagan-AIDS history controversy (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 3.13.16)

Federal guidelines for the prosecution of activists appear to reconstruct a legal framework lost under the Smith Act (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 2.13.16)

5 Inspiring Stories of Transgender Women Showcase Strength & Courage (New York Image Consultant, 1.20.16)

In N.Y., a mission unfulfilled (by Pauline Park, Washington Blade, 1.7.16)

Gay USA: transgender in America: a special Gay USA panel (12.30.15)

New detailed guidelines strengthen protection for transgender New Yorkers (by Angy Altamirano, MetroNY, 12.21.15)—lwgilGpF7exCk/ 

Empire State Pride Agenda Goes Out with a Whimper Not the Bang of Having Passed GENDA (by Pauline Park, Jake, 12.22.15)

Call me ‘transgendered’ (letter to the editor, Washington Blade, 12.7.15)

Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman (Larry Tung)

Two possible hate crimes in Queens (by Gina Martinez, Queens Chronicle, 12.3.15)

Transgender community reels from possible hate crime in Queens (by Chester Soria, Metro New York, 12.2.15)—kfWltuJzq1aE/

After the Rentboy raid, the protests, and the town hall meeting, LGBT activists try to figure out what’s next (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 11.21.15) 

A Middle Ground Can Be Found on Some Transgender Issues (by Pauline Park, New York Times, 11.5.15) 

Hillary Clinton’s revisionist comments on DOMA and DADT roil the LGBT community (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 10.25.15)

Masculinity Means: a photo essay by Amos Mac (9.15.15)

The Heroines of My Life: Interview with Pauline Park (by Monika Kowalka, 8.30.15)

Mark-Viverito, Williams attend event in home of couple accused of queer-baiting in Queens Council race (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 8.7.15)

LGBT politics interview with Heo Sung Young (Reload Media, 8.3.15)

Despite parade stabbing, Israel is a beacon of gay rights (by David Kaufman, 7.31.15)

Attack on Gay Pride Parade Shakes Israel’s Self-Image as Bastion of Tolerance (by Robert Mackey, New York Times, 7.30.15)

Queer Korea Festival/Seoul Pride Parade 2016 speech by Pauline Park (translated by 승훈) (6.28.15)

Chance Encounters: Seoul Pride Parade (6.28.15)

Adoptee transgender rights activist, Pauline Park’s speech at the 16th Queer Korea Festival (, 6.28.15)

Jee Leong Koh on Writer & Activist Pauline Park (Lambda Literary Foundation, 6.11.15) 

9 Inspiring Transgender Women Who Also Deserve Their Own ‘Vanity Fair’ Covers (by Jon Levine,, 6.9.15)

Tragische Transe? No! (by Claudia Steinberg, Die Zeit, 4.11.15)

Jackson Heights talks over-policing (Christina Schreil, Queens Chronicle, 3.12.15)

Transgender people face many obstacles (Tess McRae, Queens Chronicle, 3.12.15)

City Council trip to Israel stirs controversy over officials’ rejection to hear from constituents (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 2.18.15)

City Council Trip to Israel Draws Fire From Critics of Jewish State (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 1.13.15) 

Expanding the Circle: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Higher Education for LGBTQ Students & studies (SUNY Press, 2015), ch. 4: Transgendering the Academy: Transforming the Relationship Between Theory & Praxis

Local Artists Talk ‘Beyond Diversity’ (Jackie Strawbridge, Queens Tribune, 10.16.14)

Queens leaders share ‘coming out’ stories (Tess McRae, Queens Chronicle, 10.16.14)

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force unveils new name (Sheela Lambert, 10.9.14)

Steven Salaita and the Quagmire of Academic Freedom (Campus Watch archiving of Jake Flanagin article from the New York Times, 10.2.14)

Steven Salaita and the Quagmire of Academic Freedom (by Jake Flanagin, New York Times, 10.2.14)

A Zionist Porn Star, a Lube Merchant & a Lesbian Rabbi Walk Into a Gay Synagogue (James Kirchick, op-ed, The Tablet, 8.21.14) 

Termination of Steven Salaita a bad move by the University (Pauline Park, letter to editor, Daily Illini, 8.18.14)

An essential oral history of the NYC Pride March (by Raven Snook, Time Out New York, 6.26.14)

Just How LGBT-Friendly Is Bill de Blasio? (by Andy Humm, Village Voice, 6.24.14)

The Helix Queer Performance Network, “Better Off Read the Literary Work of Trans Women” (6.11.14)

Winners of the Lambda Literary Awards (by Sheela Lambert, Examiner, 6.3.14) 

Medicare Ends Coverage Ban for Sex Changes (the Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC) (call-in comment from 20:03-25:00 & comment on the comments page) 

SAVMA Symposium 2014: LGBT Students

2014 Lammys Honorees & Presenters (Lambda Literary, 4.21.14) 

Pauline Park (Ng Yi-Sheng, East is Everywhere blog, 3.1.14)

Should Jared Leto’s “Dallas Buyers Club” Performance Be Lauded or Loathed?” (by Cyd Zeigler, Playboy, 2.27.14)

“Not So Complicated”: Discussing Pinkwashing & In Washington Blade (NYC Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, 1.17.14) 

Pinkwashing & Israeli occupation — not so complicated 

Harnessing Familiar Hands to Chart Progressive Course (by Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 12.24.13) 

Bisexual & Transgender Inclusion in NYC: A History of the Coalition for Unity & Inclusion, in “Bi Women” (a publication of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network) (winter 2014, Vol. 32, No. 1, Dec. 2013) (p. 11). 

Transgender Identities & Spiritual Traditions in Asia & the Pacific (video of presentation at the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion & Ministry, 4.2.13)

LGBT Forum Discusses Stop And Frisk Policy (by Trisha Sakhuja, Queens Tribune, 9.19.13)

NYC Human Rights Law (Pace University LGBTQA Cyber Center, Pace Queer Magazine)

Christine Quinn: Sexism, Homophobia, and a Campaign’s Collapse (Gay City News, 9.18.13)

Gay Parent Magazine part of Japan youth study tour (by Angeline Acain, 9.6.13)

Quinn losing ground in NYC mayor’s race: polls (by Michael K. Lavers, Washington Blade, 9.4.13)

The Academic Feminist: Summer at the archives with the Visibility Project (by Gwendolyn, 8.1.13)

Queens Pride House e-newsletter (July 2013)

Campaign finance complaint filed against Christine Quinn (by Michael K. Lavers, Washington Blade, 7.11.13) 

After The QPH Forum: More Straight People Tell Queers How Great Israel Is For Us (NYC Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, 6.17.14)

Queens Pride House e-newsletter (June 2013) 

Transgender & the Transtional panel from the Homonationalism & Pinkwashing conference at the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies (CLAGS) at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) (4.11.13)

Pride Issue: Genderqueers Face the Real World (by John Russell, Village Voice, 6.19.13)

Blogger hints a US congressman will soon be outed as gay (by James Withers, Gay Star News, 6.22.13)

Pride House forum slams Israeli policies (by Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle, 6.5.13) 

An attack on Israel, here in Queens (Queens Chronicle editorial, 6.5.13)

Quinn Faces Resistance: Gay Groups Have Endorsed Her, but Loud Faction Opposes City Council Speaker (by Mike Vilensky, Wall Street Journal, 5.13.13)

Tops in transgender activism and service: Three Queensites make list of advocates (by Peter C. Mastrosimone, Queens Chronicle, 5.9.13) 

Learning to read the signs of trafficking: Pride House forum discusses the issue of exploited immigrant women (by Tess McRae, Queens Chronicle, 5.9.13)

LGBT Purists to Christine Quinn: We’d Love a Gay Mayor. Just Not You. (Steve Weinstein, Village Voice, 5.1.13)

Queens Pride House forum on the trafficking of Asian women (5.1.13)

Queens Pride House e-newsletter (April 2013)

Pinkwashing: Sexual Assault on Israel (by Michael Curtis, American Thinker, 2.23.13)

First-ever Trans 100 List released by We Happy Trans and This Is H.O.W. (by Dani Heffernan, GLAAD, 4.9.13)

‘Trans 100’ list celebrates diversity, achievement (Wisconsin Gazette, 4.9.13)

First-ever Trans 100 List unveiled to shine spotlight on accomplishments and raise visibility (Gay Star, 4.9.13)

List of nation’s top 100 transgender community advocates revealed (by Tony Merevick, Chicago Phoenix, 4.9.13)

‘Trans 100’ List Unveiled (, 4.9.13)

The inaugural Trans 100 List (, 4.9.13)

Dropping the ‘T’: Trans Rights in the Marriage Era (by Emily Greenhouse, New Yorker Magazine, 4.5.13)

No Joke – I’ve Been Named to the Inaugural Trans 100 List! (by Monica Roberts, TransGriot)

Mills College speaking engagement (4.1.13)

Trans Politics: Scholarship & Strategies for Social Change: The Institute for Research on Women’s Spring Colloquium (4.18.13)

State and city must fund LGBT services in Queens (Pauline Park, op-ed, Queens Chronicle, 3.7.13)

Gays Debate ‘Pinkwashing’ as N.Y. Center Reverses Ban on Israel-Related Events (by Josh Nathan-Kazis, Jewish Daily Forward, 2.20.13)

Triple homicide à New York: la communauté LGBT en alerte (by Alexis Buisson, Tétu, Paris, 2.15.13)

Sarah Schulman on Israel/Palestine & the Queer International (In the Flesh interview) 

Knowhomo: LGBTQ* People You Should Know: Pauline Park (Kate Wheeler, 12.17.12)

Queens Transgender woman files lawsuit against city (by Josey Bartlett, Queens Chronicle, 12.13.12) 

Pauline Park at Queens Pride House (interviewed by Sandra Choi, 12.6.12) (pt.2) 

Pauline Park at Queens Pride House (interviewed by Sandra Choi, 12.6.12) (pt. 1)

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2012: 50  Transgender Icons (Huffington Post, 11.20.12) (#32 in the slide show),b=facebook

Pauline Park: Why she kicks ass (The New Women’s Movement, 11.1.12)

The Most Influential LGBT Asian Icons (by J.R. Tungol, Huffington Post, 10.29.12) (#46 in the slide show)

Celebrating 15 Years of Queens Pride in Jack. Hts. (Times Newsweekly of Ridgewood, 10.11.12)

Queens Pride House Celebrates 15 Years (Gay City News, 10.10.12)

Queens Pride House turns 15 (Queens Chronicle, 10.4.12)

Vallone Shows Pride For LGBT Center (Queens Gazette, 10.4.12)

Queens Pride House Celebrates 15 Yrs. In Style: Dinner Benefit In J. Hts. Tonight (Times Newsweekly, 9.27.12)

Hey hey! Me and Pauline Park featured in the Visibility Project (Kay Ulanday Barrett, brownroundboi, 7.17.12)

Suffrage: Right or Privilege? (by Nina Vershuta, Global Youth Connect – GCY Village, 7.2.12)

Bronx Community Pride Center Closes After News of Former Director’s Arrest (by Phil Velez,, 6.28.12)

An insider’s guide to Jackson Heights, Queens (by Dominic Maxwell-Lewis, New York Daily News, 6.25.12)

Does ‘Gay Inc.’ Believe in Free Speech? (by Steven Thrasher, Village Voice, 6.20.12)

Homoerotic traditions in pre-modern Asian & Pacific Island socieites (, 6.22.12)

Queens Pride House leadership transition (June 2012 e-newsletter) (Jeremy McBride blog)

Queens Pride House leadership transition (June 2012 e-newsletter) 

Twenty Years of Pride (Gay City News, 6.6.12)

Trans Feminism: Speaking My Truth to Power (, 6.7.12) 

International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO) forum at GMHC (6.2.12)

Pauline Park interview with GMHC (6.2.12)

Trans Feminism & Trans Womanism (Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference workshop, 6.1.12) 

Would you want Israel at your gay wedding? (Ryan, Room 410 blog, 5.15.12) 

Trans-Form the Occupation (Occupy Wall Street, 11.13.11)

Professor Katherine Franke Joins Academic Boycott of Israeli-Government Sponsored Conference (by Vina Tran, Gender & Sexuality Law Blog, 5.4.12) 

John D’Emilio on Alan Berube’s Gay History, and Pauline Park on Transgender Health Care (Out-FM, 4.15.12) 

Anti-Pinkwashing Activist: Occupation of Palestine “One Of The Most Copntentious Issues” In Queer Organizing (by Jayson Littman,, 4.21.12)

Why GenderPAC Failed (by Pauline Park,, 4.21.12) 

Israel’s pinkwashing exposed as dishonest at New York debates (by Uri Horesh,, 4.6.12) 

Israel’s pinkwashing exposed as dishonest at New York debates (by Uri Horesh, the Electronic Intifada, 4.6.12) 

Creating Solidarities: A Conversation with Members of the First US LGBTQ Delegation to Palestine (Brecht Forum, 4.11.12) 

US LGBT academic delegation guilty of pro-Palestinian pinkwashing (Melanie Natha, O-blog-dee-o-blog-da blog, 3.17.12) 

TRANSaction (by Jordan Wilkinson, The Little Rebellion, 3.15.12) 

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Occupy NYC LGBT Center (Maqsum blog, 3.3.12) 

U.S. LGBT Group Tours Palestine (by Heather Cassell, Bay Area Reporter, 2.23.12)

Leader queer voices issue strong statement on ‘pinkwashing’ (BDS South Africa, 1.27.12)

An Open Letter to LGBTIQ Communities & Allies on the Israeli Occupation of Palestine (1.25.12) 

Velvetpark’s Official Top 25 Significant Queer  Women of 2011 (, 12.30.11)

My Trip to Occupy Wall St. for ‘Trans-Form the Occupation’ on Sunday, November 13 (by Gunner Scott, 11.25.11)

Hate crime victims are remembered: Queens Pride House observes Transgender Day of Remembrance (by Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle, 11.23.11)

Trans-Form the Occupation (11.13.11): audio recording

Trans-Forming Occupy Wall Street (by Naomi Brussel, 11.15.11)

LGBT panelists discuss dual-minority issues as part of Asian Kaleidoscope Month (by Amanda Cohen, Independent Florida Alligator, 11.9.11)

Panel to discuss acceptance of LGBT community in Asian culture (by Oriana Paolillo, Independent Florida Alligator, 11.9.11)

Empowering the Tribe LGBTI symposium (John Jay College, 11.3.11)

Empowering the Tribe LGBTI symposium (John Jay College, 11.3.11)

Scott Piro, Queer Support for Israel & the Pinkwashing Scam (PrettyQueer .com, 10.28.11)

Transgendering the U (by Nic Dunn, Daily Utah Chronicle, 10.20.11)

Advocate calls for ‘transgendering’ higher ed (by Rosemary Winters, Salt Lake Tribune, 10.19.11)

Transgender advocate headlines U. Pride Week (Salt Lake Tribune, 10.18.11)

A celebration of diversity: Queens Pride House welcomes its new director in style (by Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle, 10.20.11)

University of Utah LGBT Resource Center calendar of events (10.19.11)

University of Utah LGBT Resource Center 2011 Pride Week poster (10.19.11)

Pride Week Lands National Gender Rights Advocate (University of Utah news center, 10.14.11)

Gratitude to Supporters of First National LGBT POC Convening (Griot Circle blog page, 10.16.11)

Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act: Transgender New Yorkers Still Waiting For Equality (by Matt Sledge, Huffington Post, 10.5.11)

‘The Center Cannot Hold’: The Flourishing of Queer Anti-Occupation Activism (by Jasbir K. Puar, Huffington Post, 10.3.11)

Queens Pride House appoints Silvia Dutchevici executive director (Comunitatea Româneasca, 10.3.12)

Moving Beyond  Shock on Transgender Health (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News editorial, 9.14.11)

The GENDA Gap: What N.Y. Plans to Do About It (by Julie Bolcer, The Advocate, 9.8.11)

Top 5 Most Korean-American Cities: New York City (Korean Beacon, 9.2.11)

The High Price of Looking Like a Woman (by Laura Rena Murray, 8.19.11)

Will Transgender New Yorkers Benefit from Marriage Equality? (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge on the Net, 7.21.11)

Queer Critics of Israel to Test LGBT Center Ban (by Duncan Osborne, Chelsea Now, 7.7.11)

NYS Senate Kills Transgender Rights (by Andy Humm, Gay City News, 7.7.11)

Queer Critics of Israel to Test LGBT Center Ban (by Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 7.7.11)

LGBT Center Bars Palestine Solidarity Group (by Alex Kane, the Indypendent, 7.6.11)

LGBT Center Bars Palestine Solidarity Group (by Alex Kane, the Indypendent, 7.6.11)

Pinkwashing, Whitewashing, Brainwashing (Scott Piro, 7.3.11)

Breaking Boundaries (photo essay by Eliza Gray, New Republic, 6.23.11)

The T in LGBTA: Transgender Equality in the Workplace (forum at Moody’s Corporation, 6.21.11)

Overweight,  Bearded Gay Men, Who Call Themselves Bears (Elyaqim Mosheh Adam’s Blog, 6.16.11)

Critics of Israeli Occupation Occupy Center Lobby (by Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 6.8.11)

Bradley Manning, Kate Bornstein, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (Out-FM interview with Brad Taylor & Naomi Brussel, WBAI Radio, 6.7.11)

Weiner Says He Sent Photos and Lied, but Won’t Resign – Weiner Cancels Another Public Appearance, at Gay Forum (Dan Bilefsky, New York Times City Room blog, 6.6.11)

Someone Needs a Bear Hug! (Internals Plural blog, 6.6.11)

LGBT Center ‘Apartheid,’ Access Controversies Lead to “Indefinite Moratorium” (by Duncan Osborne, Chelsea Now, 6.2.11)

LGBT Center ‘Apartheid,’ Access Controversies Reignited (by Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 6.1.11)

Chronicles of Subversion: The Queer A&PI History You Didn’t Learn in School (GAPIMNY, 5.24.11)

Pauline Park in Village Voice:  LGBT Center ‘Gave the Community the Finger’ (Queers for an Open LGBT Center, 5.23.11)

Pauline Park Q&A: LGBT Center ‘Gave the Community the Finger’ in ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ Dispute (by Steven Thrasher, Village Voice blog post, 5.12.11)

My Identity as a Real Korean Adoptee (“내 정체성은 `진짜 한국입양인’”) (profile of Pauline Park by Hyeumi Syeong, Yonhap News Agency, 5.11.11)

Emerging Outwards: LGBTQQ Adoptee Narratives workshop at the 15th anniversary conference of Also-Known-As (NYC, 4.30.11)

Does Language Matter: ‘Transgender’ vs. ‘Transgendered’ (I’m a PFLAG Mom, 4.30.11)

Keep that chin up (YouTube video by NamelessQueer, 4.23.11) (mention in video description) 

Transgender Health & Human Rights (forum sponsored by the Queer Student Alliance at the Harvard School of Public Health, 4.20.11)

New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC) 2011 workshop on “LGBT Issues in Intercountry Adoption” (4.16.11)

New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC) 2011 workshop on “Queer Asian America: Organizing Towards Awareness & Acceptance” (4.16.11)

Census Numbers: Calling Jackson Heights (comment on Brian Lehrer Show page on, 3.25.11)

Violence Against Gays, Part 3 (by Storm Christopher,, 3.18.11)

Four Held In Brutal Queens Killing Marked by Anti-Gay Slurs (GCN, 3.17.11)

Officials: Teen beaten to death in hate crime (by Anna Gustafson, Queens Chronicle, 3.17.11)

More Sniping in the Gay Center’s Battle of Zion (Village Voice, 3.15.11)

Envisioning Justice: the Journey of a Transgendered Woman (by Claudia Kassab, the Scepter, Kinsborough Community College, 3.12.11)

IQ & LGBT groups to NYPD Commissioner: pull out of anti-gay parade! (Irish Queers, 3.15.11)

Part One: Ashley Love and Anti-Defamation (Pam’s House Blend, 1.7.11 — comment by Mx Stampax)

Visibility Project portrait of Pauline Park (Jan. 2011)

Pauline Park on Career Talk Live with Haig Chahinian (part 2)

Pauline Park on Career Talk Live with Haig Chahinian

Layers of Identity at Work (by Haig Chahinian, Workplace Nudity, 6.22.10)

Talking About: Pride House (interview with Jonathan Griffith & Cara Kilduff)

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: about the book: authors

Big Queer Blog’s post critiquing Judith Butler (Kathleen-May Llamas, Heck Yeah, Judith Butler!, 1.7.11)

Families Matter — our team: community & professional advisors

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Journey For Social Change (by Pauline Park,, 11.20.10)

Transgender Day: A Journey For Social Change (South Florida Gay, 11.23.10)

“What About Sex at Your Age? Healthy Sexuality & Aging – Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Discussion Group” workshop at “The Future of Aging is in Our Hands” (SAGE USA national conference for LGBT older adults, CUNY Graduate Center, 11.13.10)

Protecting & Respecting All Students: Bringing the Letters of the DASA Law to Life: Come Out & Find Out 2010 conference (LGBTQ Community Center, Kingston, 10.16.10)

How can my vote affect change? (Q-Wave general meeting, 10.8.10)

Bingo galleries: Queens Pride House celebrates music (, 10.15.10)

Carl Paladino: “I oppose the homosexual agenda…” (Andrés Duque, Blabbeando blog, 10.10.10)

October 27: Transgender Rights (UMass Stonewall Center forum)

State owes Bronx LGBT center $200K (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge on the Net, 10.1.10)

Talking About: Pride House (with Jonathan Griffith & Cara Kilduff, 9.16.10)

New York Anti-Bullying Law Signed, Goes Into Effect In Two Years (by Bridgette P. LaVictoire, LezGetReal, 9.8.10)

New York anti-bullying bill becomes law (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge on the Net, 9.8.10)

Transgender activists (Gender entry,

Queens Pride House Might Close (NY1, 8.4.10)

Area LGBT centers struggle to close funding gaps (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge Fire, 8.13.10)

Area LGBT centers struggle to close funding gaps (by Michael K. Lavers, Edge New, 8.13.10)

Transgender Activist Tells Her Story: Gender equality issues brought to light before Hunter students and staff
(by Monica Carr, Hunter College Envoy, 4.28.10)

Trans (AudioSmut Sex-Positive Radio, 8.5.10):  interview with Pauline Park (begins 6 minutes into the segment)

Queens Pride House tries to stay afloat (by Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle, 7.29.10) (posted to Lost in the Ozone blog by David Quintana, 8.2.10)

Queens Pride House tries to stay afloat (by Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle, 7.29.10)

Pride House Faces Uncertain Future (by Domenick Rafter, Queens Tribune, 7.15.10)

Heritage of Pride records: collection #86 (LGBT Community Center of NYC) 

Layers of Identity at Work (by Haig Chahinian, Workplace, 6.25.10)

Students Take a Tour of LGBT History (by Candace Gingrich-Jones, HRC Back Story blog, 6.11.10)

Strong Community: Community-Building Through LGBT Inclusion Advocacy (panel at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, 6.5.10)

Conversations with Audacious Leaders panel at the Finding Your Audacious Leader: 5th annual health leadership ‘Aha!’ conference (Kingsborough Community College, 6.18.10)

Lambda Literary Awards Announces Presenters for May 27 Ceremony (Band of Thebes, 5.17.10)

The Transgender Movement in New York: Progress & Prospects (luncheon address, The Empire Conference, Albany, 5.21.10)

How to Move Transgender-inclusive Legislation & Effect Progressive Public Policy Change (workshop, The Empire Conference, Albany, 5.21.10)

Hunter College Asian American Studies Program Q&A with Pauline Park (4.23.10)

Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act Now! (Pride At Work press release, 4.21.10)

From the ground up (, 5.3.10)

Queer & Asian 2010 conference keynote speakers bios (QACON10, University of California at Berkeley, 5.1.10)

Hundreds of LGBT & Allied Groups Call on Congress to Pass ENDA Now (National Stonewall Democrats, 4.21.10)

Gender Identity & the Law: An Act Concerning Discrimination, Ap 26 (Central Connecticut State University forum, 4.26.10)

ENDA Will Force Employers To Implement Radical Gay Agenda (Right Side News, 4.20.10)

4th annual New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC) (4.17.10): speakers

Transgender Job-Seekers Face Discrimination (The TransInformer blog, 4.1.10)

Looking Back: How the G&L Views the T (by Vanessa Edwards Foster, The Transadvocate, 3.31.10)

Being Queer, a Place in Religion & Spirituality (Q-Wave general meeting, 3.19.10)

TLDEF Board Member Pauline Park Featured on WNYC (3.31.10)

Panel on Addressing Sexism in the LGBT Community and Beyond: Strategies for Envisioning an Inclusive Movement (Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality at New York University events listing, 3.24.10)

Transgender Job Seekers Face Discrimination (, 4.1.10)

Transgender Job Seekers (The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, 3.31.10)

Being Queer: A Place in Religion & Spirituality (Q-Wave general meeting, 3.19.10)

Anti-Bullying Program Gets Gay Boost (by Andy Humm, Gay City News, 3.18.10)

Data on Bullying Remains Scant, as City Touts Its Efforts (by Andy Humm, Gotham Gazette, 3.2.10)

CIIS Hosts Conference on LGBTQ Issues in Higher Education (by Neil Freese) (CIIS Today, spring 2010)

Conference on LGBTQ Issues in Higher Education (by Neil Freese,

We All Count~! (Our Families Count video on LGBT inclusion in the U.S. Census)

We All Count~! (Our Families Count LGBT inclusion in the U.S. Census website homepage with embedded video)

Gay USA (2.26.10-3.5.10)
(segment on LGBT contingent in the 2010 Chinese lunar new year parade in NYC includes interview with Pauline Park)

Gays at NY’s Chinese New Year Parade for 1st Time (Culturally Progressive: writing by Tanya Paperny, 2.23.10)

Transgender Healthcare (Sex in Medicine Week forum, SUNY Downstate, 2.22.10)

Gay groups invited to march in Lunar New Year parade (NY Daily News, 2.22.10)
(interview with Pauline Park in video embedded in on-line article)

St. Louis Reports from the 2010 Creating Change Conference (Part II) (by Robin Carolyn Montague, 2.5.10)

Withers: NY state senator Monserrate needs to step down (, 1.29.10)

OutPOCPAC Calls for Expulsion of Hiram Monserrate (OutPOCPAC blog page, 1.25.10)

Pauline Park profile (I Am Korean, 1.7.10)

The Center: looking back, looking forward (by Rachel, Des Moines, 1.6.10)

Join queer Asians across the U.S. to Make History~! (NQAPIA)

Gay USA year in review 2009 (1.2.10) (radio podcast)

Gay USA year in review 2009 (1.2.10) (TV broadcast)

Diagnosing Difference (Feminist Review, 1.1.10)

Iowa’s first Transgender Day of Remembrance a success (by Sandy Vopalka, Accessline, December 2009, Vol. 23, No. 9)

Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried (photo of Pauline Park with Assembly Member Gottfried, Dec. 2009 newsletter)

Governor Paterson at the Center (12.17.10)

NY Governor Signs Executive Order For Gender Identity and Expression (by Antoine Craigwell, GBM News, 12.16.09)

Paterson Signs Gender Identity and Expression Executive Order (Fox 40 WICZ, 12.16.09)

NY: Governor Paterson Bans Discrimination Against Transgender State Employees (Gay Marriage Watch, 12.17.09)

Governor Paterson Signs Gender Identity and Expression Executive Order (press release from the governor’s office, 12.16.09)

Governor Paterson Signs Gender Identity and Expression Executive Order (Governor Paterson 2010, 12.16.09)

NY bans discrimination against transgender state employees (Michael K. Lavers, San Francisco, 12.16.09)

NY bans discrimination against transgender state employees (Michael K. Lavers, Edge Chicago, 12.16.09)

NY bans discrimination against transgender state employees (Michael K. Lavers, Edge Boston, 12.16.09)

Paterson bans discrimination against transgender New York state employees (Michael K. Lavers, Boy in Bushwick, 12.16.09)

Gov. Paterson signs order protecting state emmployees against gender identity discrimination (by Lurleen, Pam’s House Blend, 12.16.09)

Senator Duane Speaks at Governor Paterson’s Signing of Gender Identity and Expression Executive Order (office of Sen. Thomas K. Duane, 12.16.09)

Paterson Embraces Gender Identity and Expression (New York Real Estate Lawyers’ Blog, 12.16.09)

GO founder among Stonewall Foundation award honorees (GO Magazine, 12.15.09)

LGBT Americans Outraged at Delay in Basic Job Rights (, 12.9.09)

LGBT Americans Outraged at Delay in Basic Job Rights (United ENDA, 12.4.09)

Transgender Basics for Health & Social Service Providers and Researchers (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health student life calendar (11.30.09)

Transgender Day of Remembrance Honored (by Rachel, The Center, 11.26.09)

Lambda Legal LGBT Family Summit (Des Moines, 11.21.09) conference program: workshop on “Transracial Adoption in LGBTQ Families: The Challenges of Traversing Boundaries”

Setting the Stage for Transgender Awareness (by Ashley Michelle Papon,, 11.20.09)

Iowa’s first Transgender Day of Remembrance a success

Top networking events this week (Des Moines, 11.18.09)

National Transgender Day of Remembrance (Capital City Pride,, 11.18.09)

Iowa celebrates first Transgender Day of Remembrance (, 11.17.09)

A TDOR Event: Iowa (MCC Transgender Day of Remembrance)

Law & Social Change: The True Significance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance (by Pauline Park,, 11.16.09)

A Welcoming Reception for Pauline Park; Transgender Day of Remembrance (newsletter of the Progressive Coalition of Central Iowa, Issue 44, 11.16.09)

Diversity & the ‘Cultural Elite’ of New York (by Joanna Eng, Racialcious, 11.10.08)

In pursuit of health care (Trans Talk blog, 11.5.09)

In pursuit of health care: Lecture explores obstacles facing transgendered people seeking medical help (by Travis Moore, The Daily Campus, 11.5.09)

Hero of the Week: Dr. Pauline Park (Gay-Inspired: Love, Hope & Inspiration for Everyone, 11.2.09)

New Jersey Women & AIDS Network: Confronting the Crisis 21 (11.2.09) conference program

The problem of transgendered identity (John’s Corner of the World, 11.2.09)

Campus Pride names Pauline Park to its 2009 hotlist of ‘Top 25 LGBT Favorites’

Fight hatred, intolerance and violence (editorial, Queens Chronicle, 10.15.09)

Transgender meeting highlights their abuse (by Cristina Merrill, Queens Chronicle, 10.15.09)

Community reacts to gay bashing (by Kaitlyn Kilmetis, Queens Tribune, 10.15.09)

Queens Hate Crimes Suspects Arrested (by Michael Ratliff, Queens Rules, 10.14.09)

Rain on Cleve’s March?; NYC’s Quinn May Be Zapped? (Michael Petrelis blog,, 10.5.09)

Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman (a 32-minute documentary about the life and work of Pauline Park) is now available on DVD through

City Schools Set Up Anti-Bullying Push (by Paul Schindler, GCN, 10.2.09)

Forrest Church, health care debates, tea party racism, and more (UU blog round-up, 9.25.09)

Q&A with Bisexual Activist Shella Lambert (, 9.23.09)

Gender discrimination in health care: Jacob Anderson-Minshall interviews Pauline Park (Gender Blender Radio, 90.7 FM in Portland, 9.15.09)

Just say no to the March on Washington (Bilerico Project, 9.8.09)

Feerick wins endorsements from Queens LGBT activists (Times Ledger Papers:, 9.4.09)

Transgender and Christian: Finding Identity (by Jori Lewis, Rainbow Zine LGBTQ News, 9.4.09)

Transgender and Christian: Finding Identity (by Jori Lewis,, 9.3.09)

Just Say No to the March on Washington (2010 Boycott, 9.3.09)

Dromm Versus Sears (letter to the editor, Gay City News, 9.1.09)

LGBT Vote Up for Grabs in Queens (Gay City News, 9.1.09)

Gay and Transgender Leaders Endorse Deirdre Feerick (, 8.30.09)

All at the Table, Let’s Eat~! Building Multigender/Pan-Asian LGBT API Safe Spaces (workshop, NQAPIA national conference, 8.14.09)

Gender Identity & Expression in API Communities (workshop, NQAPIA national conference, 8.15.09)

Zitat des Tages: Pauline Park (Queer-O-Mat, 7.28.09)

OutPOCPAC Endorses Yetta Kurland for City Council (, 7.23.09)

NYAGRA’s first Public Directory of Trans-Sensitive Providers launch event (Questioning Transphobia blog, 7.20.09)

Transgender language conundrums (by Matt Kailey, Tranifesto blog, 7.15.09)

What About Our Legacy? (by Monica Roberts, TransGriot blog, 7.14.09)

Definition of a Hate Crime (Bilerico Project, comment filed by Dana Rudolph, 7.12.09)

Not a Hate Crime? Attack Victim, Transgender Advocates Seek Higher Charges for Assailants (by Marvin Anderson, Queens Tribune, 7.8.09)

Pride it up (Kate Scelsa blog post, 6.29.09)

Withers: What is Pride weekend without a little protest? (by James Withers,, 6.28.09)

Follow-Up Friday: Transgender Rights and Cell Phones and Planes (The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, 6.26.09)

Camps Emerging in Mayor’s Race (Gay City News, 6.25.09)

From Stonewall to Gay Marriage (The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, 6.23.09)

Gender identity (disorder) (Trans Education blog, 6.22.09)

“Pocahontas” (short film by Ho Tam, 2004): T-Shorts #5: Experimental shorts programme (Netherlands Transgender Film Festival, 5.22.09)

“Pocahontas” (2004 short film by Ho Tam, screened at the Netherlands Transgender Film Festival, 5.22.09)

Gay Council Bid in Queens (Lost in the Ozone, David Quintana, 5.18.09)

New Yorkers Lobby Albany for Equality & Justice day in Record Numbers (by Kat Long, New York Blade, 5.1.09)

Envisioning Justice: with Pauline Park (All Souls Unitarian Church Bulletin, April 2009)

Pauline Park bio
New York City Asian American Student Conference program (4.18.09)

Expanding Human Rights: LGBT Inclusion and the Struggle to Eliminate Racism (US Human Rights Network, 4.1.09)

Stonewall Democrats Holiday (Lady Clover Honey’s blog, 12.11.08)

Diversity & the ‘cultural elite’ of New York (by Joanna Eng, Racialicious, 11.10.10)

Where are all the people of color? (comment from Joanna, 10.1.08, in response to Time Out’s ‘New York 40′ issue)

Hidden Voices: The Lives of LGBT Muslims (photo of Pauline Park with Faisal Alam at Creating Change in Detroit, November 2008)

LGBT Rights as Human Rights (NYCHRI blog, 10.27.08)

Transgender art show in NYC (7.16.08) (interview with Pauline Park from 7:48 to 13:12)

Rhode Island film fest features GLBT-themed movies (by Joe Siegel, Edge Providence, RI)

“Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman” (documentary by Larry Tung about the life and work of Pauline Park)

“Envisioning Justice: The Journey of A Transgendered Woman” at NewFest 2008 (New York LGBT Film Festival)

“Envisioning Justice: The Journey of A Transgendered Woman” at Frameline 2008  (San Francisco LGBT Film Festival)

“Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman” (documentary by Larry Tung about the life and work of Pauline Park)
(London Transgender Film Festival,  11.7.08)

Pauline Park on the NewFest 2008 documentary feature jury

Buck Angel, a Man with a Pussy: LGB without the T (by Michael Lavers, 6.17.08)

Making the case for Ober (, 6.2.08)

Lizzy Lied to Get Gay Vote (, 5.24.08)

May 16 GM: Trans discussion w/Pauline Park & Kris Hayashi (Q-Wave, 5.15.08)

The Transgendered Body & the Misappropriation of Disability Discourse: Paraphilia, Fantasy & Phantasmagoria in the Sopcial Imaginary of Transability (TransSomatechnics conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 5.2.08)

New York City Day of Silence Vigil (The Occasional, 4.27.08)

Remembering Lawrence King: An emotional West Village vigil marks the national Day of Silence and a slain teenager (Alina Oswald, New York Blade 04.25.08)

Lawrence King vigil in Christopher Park, Manhattan (podcast, 4.15.08)

Changing Hearts and Minds: The 2008 IFGE Conference (By Marti Abernathey,, 4.9.08)

Changing Hearts and Minds: The 2008 IFGE Conference (By Marti Abernathey,, 4.9.08)

Pauline Park: “Marisa Richmond: Transgendered Woman of Color & Democratic Delegate” (IFGE 2008 Newsblog, 3.31.08)

Mad Science: [Sink] Transgender man is pregnant (comment by Orson McCarthy, a.k.a., orwellseyes, Whitechapel blog, 3.27.08)

We’re All Transsexuals Now (, 3.19.08)

Activist for transgender and queer rights speaks (by Alice Lee, Wellesley College News, 3.20.08)

Getting political: My support of Barak Obama (Transpassage blog, 3.12.08)

Obama Campaign Announces New GLBT Endorsements (by Michael Crawford, Bilerico Project, 3.11.08)

Creating Change 2008 (by Liz Thomson, Invisible to Invincible newsletter, 3.1.08)

Unusual Perks (The Beacon Group Blog, 2.29.08)

Sex-Reassignment Surgery And US Companies (Feminist Philosophers, 2.17.08)

Adoption Dialogues (, 2.16.08)

Free Sex Changes at Goldman Sachs (Body-Philosophy, 2.15.08)

Unusual perks: Goldman Sachs covers sex changes (Althea Chang, Fortune Magazine, CNN, 2.8.08)

Answers to your real-life legal problems (Yetta G. Kurland, GO Magazine, 2.7.08)

Becoming a Black Man (By Daisy Hernández, ColorLines, 1.2.08)

Discriminating Against Mrs. Doubtfire – He Says, She Says (by Don Bistrow, Liberally, 12.28.07)

Crossing Over (by Naomi  Schaefer Riley, Wall Street Journal, 12.28.07)

Queens Pride House Celebrates (Gay City News, 12.20.07)

HRC Credibility Crisis: Nobody Trusts A Liar And A Cheater (by Rebecca Juro, Bilerico Project, 12.9.07)

New York Welcome, Reps from HRC get an earful at a town hall on ENDA (Housing Works AIDS Issues Update 12.7.07)

No Gotham Welcome Wagon For HRC (Gay City News, 12.6.07)

Transgendered: Trapped in the Wrong Body (Montel Williams Show, 12.4.07);summary

Gallery of Gaysian Heroes: Pauline Park, Activist (QueerSighted Gay & Lesbian Community)

Sex, Gender, and the Public Toilet (NYU conference, 11.3.07) (David Zetland, Aguanomics blog, 10.17.07)

Coming Out in Color: Pauline Park (, 10.11.07)

Sticks and stones, Pauline (Citizen Crain, 10.11.07)

Transgendered (description of Montel Williams show segment, 9.20.07)

NYC Birth Certificate Policy Unfair to Transgendered (op-ed with Dennis DeLeon, New York Blade, 9.7.07)

Nancy J. Knauer, “Gender Matters: Making the Case for Trans inclusion
(Pierce Law Review, Vol. 6, no. 1, footnote 103, p. 22) (9.2.07).

Pauline Park (profile and interview) (by Brianna Austin,, 8.28.07)

Finding the Real Me (By Xiaoqing Rong, Sing Tao Daily, 8.27.07)

Decisions (by Diane Frank, AOSOC newsletter, 8.20.07)

New York Asian LGBT documentary (screening of “GAPIMNY 15″ film by Ken Takeuchi at the 2nd Aomori International LGBT Film Festival, 7.21.07)

Undesirable Elements at the Asia Society (video) (6.15.07)

Varied Voices (By David Noh, Gay City News, 6.8.07)

Film Sparks Controversy Among Transgender Activists (Michael K. Lavers, Boy in Bushwick blog, 6.1.07)

Trans Health Fair Debuts at Center (By Brett Krutzsch, New York Blade, 6.1.07)

Gender Offender, NewFest film to screen despite outcry from trans activists (By Michael K. Lavers, New York Blade, 6.01.07)

Trans Health Fair Debuts at Center (By Brett Krutzsch, New York Blade, 6.1.2007)

Crossing the Line: Korean American transgender people step beyond cultural stigmas to share their stories (By Michelle Woo, KoreAm Journal, June 2007)

Ho Tam: The Only Asian Boy in New York? (by Anya Wassenberg, Broken Pencil, Issue 35,  Summer 2007)

Clocking in on Trans Bias (GCN, 5.24.2007)

MHVTA, Mid Hudson Valley Transgender Assoc.  Poughkeepsie , N.Y. USA

New Yorkers Join National Fight for Trans Equality (By Brett Krutzsch, NY Blade, 5.18.2007)

A Case for Trans Equality (New York Blade, 5.11.2007)

2007 Mazzoni Center Trans-Health Conference Tremendous Success (excerpt from the Mazzoni Center newsletter, 2007)

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund Celebrates Second Anniversary (Boy in Bushwick, 5.10.2007)

Dignity for All (By Jacob Anderson-Minshall, San Francisco Bay Times, 5.10.2007)

Pauline Park: Standing Up for Transgender Rights (Interview with Celia De Leon for, 2.3.2007)

Legal Sex Change? (Victoria Baranetsky,, 5.2007)

Dignity for All, TransNation (Jacob Anderson-Minshall, San Francisco Bay Times, 5.10.2007)

LGBTQ Issues & the APA Community (panel, APA Heritage Month, Columbia University, 4.24.07)

Panelist Speak About Transgender Experience (by Julie Appel, Columbia Spectator, 2.22.07)

LGBT Issues in APA Communities & on Campus (workshop with William Nguyen at ECAASU 2007 conference at Yale U., 2.10.07)

Loehmann’s settles human rights complaint with transgender woman (by Chris Lombardi, The Villager, 2.2.07)

Trans Woman Bests Loehmann’s (by Chris Lombardi, Gay City News, 3.1.07)

Thompson Broadens Gender Effort (By Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 1.4.07)

Harry Potter & the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy (by Benjamin H. Barton, Michigan Law Review, Volume 104, No. 6, 2006)
(citation of blog post in footnote 71)

Long Island Commemorates Trans Violence (Gay City News, 11.22.06) (

NYC proposes new gender birth certificate policy (by Heather Cassell, Bay Area Reporter, 11.16.06; news story posted on the Williams Institute site)

Gender Change Rule Eyed (By Amy Zimmer, Metro New York, 11.08.06)

A Map of Our Fathers: 2006 Asian American Conference at Smith (11.4.06)

A Map of Our Fathers: 2006 Asian American Conference at Smith (speaker bios)

Revisions Likely in Birth Certificate Policy (By Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 11.02.06)

Revisions Likely in Birth Certificate Policy (Apostille Us, 11.02.06)

Transgender Legal Rights (forum at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 10.17.06)

St. John’s University: Center for Psychological Services and Clinical Studies: Fourth Adoption Conference: “Families Without Borders? Adoption Across Culture and Race”
(10.13.2006): paper presentation on LGBT issues in intercountry adoption:

Pauline Park Takes On Media Over Ramsey Case (TS-Si,8.25.06)

Finding Community: GAPIMNY Community Open House (by Aaron Yap, PersuAsian, spring 2006, p. 17, p. 20) (GAPIMNY newsmagazine)

A Love Story with a Twist: Brokeback Mountain (PersuAsian, spring 2006, p. 31) (GAPIMNY newsmagazine)

Nothing but silence – Day of Silence promotes LGBT awareness (By By Meghan O’Kelly, 04.27.06)

A Brief Trip Thru Bisexual NYC’s History (New York Area Bisexual Network, January 2006)

Pigeon Forge native in NYC Gay Pride Parade: MCC-K member marches with Carson of Queer Eye (Out & About, 9.1.05)

See, Hear, Speak No Evil: City school officials passive, mute during public hearings on bullying (Andy Humm, GCN, 8.11.2005)

Sex and the Spirit (video by Richard Anthony, based on interviews at the 2005 NYC Pride March, June 2005)

Gay Pride 2005: Grand Marshal Pauline Park, (Contested Terrain, 6.27.05)

NYC’s Gay Community Comes Out For 36th Annual Gay Pride Parade (, 6.26.05)

Pride Goes on Parade (by Jacob E. Osterhout, New York Daily News, 6.25.05)

Enthusiasm Competes With Complacency: Community leaders urge activism, but some at Bryant Park rally admit fervor has cooled (Cody Lyon, GCN, 6.23.2005)

Transgender Madness Goes Prime Time & Gets A Boost From Radicals in Congress (Traditional Values Coalition, 5.27.05; reposted on Free, 6.8.05)

Proux and Thoreau (BetterMost, Wyoming & Brokeback Mountain Forum, 5.25.06);wap2

Cleveland Visit (by Diane Frank, AOSOC newsletter, 5.20.05)

Trans validation: transgender activists in New York & Maine (Advocate, 5.10.05)

Reshaping Our State & Local Legislative & Policy Agendas for Our Entire Community (workshop co-facilitated with Hawk Stone, Carrie Evans, Lisa Mottet), Trans Politics, Social Change & Justice conference, Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies (CLAGS) (City University of New York, 5.7.2005)

Panelists: Gender neutral necessary  (Andrew J. Nusca, 4.20.05, quoting Washington Square News report on NYU forum)

Int. No. 512 (Human Rights GOAL bill)testimony on behalf of NYAGRA (4.8.05)

Ladies Restrooms: Who is That Male-Bodied Woman In the Next Stall? (Traditional Values Coalition, 4.7.2005)

Transgender Group Reaches Agreement on Restrooms (By Nicholas Confessore, New York Times, 4.2.05)

USGA Welcomes Trans Golfers (by Cyd Zeigler, Jr.,, 3.25.05)

Invisible No More (The Advocate, 3.15.05)

Invisible No More (, 3.1.05)

Transgender Activists Celebrate Victory in New York City (, 12.23.04)

Trans 101 Workshop for Students of Color (Wesleyan University, 3.15.03)

Just Couples talk (10.3.2004):

Frank Copeli interview about Jackson Heights:

N.J. Trans Group Returns Grant, Group alleges Human Rights Campaign ignores needs of transgendered people (By Nicholas Boston, Gay City News, 6.18.2004)

Dignity Coalition Voices Concerns (by Nicholas Boston, Gay City News, 6.17.2004)

The Great Gay Way: A brief history of Christopher Street (by Wayne Hoffman, Village Voice, 6.15.04)

Trans protection compromised? Two years after law was passed, commission still has no guidelines (Cyd Zeigler, Jr., New York Blade News, 5.28.2004)

Oberlin College APA Heritage Month (Multicultural Resource Center newsletter, 5.25.04)

Race, Gender & the Nexus of Identity Politics: The Perspective of a Transgendered Asian American Woman
(Oberlin College APA Heritage Month) (Multicultural Resource Center newsletter, 5.25.04)

Transsexuals Get the Nod for the Olympics (by Tracy Connor, New York Daily News, 5.18.04)

Council to Vote on Harassment Bill (by Nicholas Boston, Gay City News, 4.29.04)

Latinos Living with HIV/AIDS in New York (by José-María Medellín, The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource, Feb. 2004)

Squabble Over Student Dignity Bill: City Department of Education questions authority, enforcement (Aaron Parsley, GCN, 10.9.2003).

Twilo told to pay for firings (by Kevin Spence, New York Blade, 8.22.03)

Dignity and GENDA Stymied, Nearing recess in Albany, trans-phobic GOP stonewalls bills (By Mick Meenan, Gay City News, 6.20.03)

“The Man Who Would Be Queen” (Pauline Park review of J. Michael Bailey’s “The Man Who Would Be Queen”)
(International Gay & Lesbian Review, 2003)

Sympathy, But Finding Pathology (Pauline Park review of J. Michael Bailey’s “The Man Who Would Be Queen”) (Gay City News, 5.30.03)

An Historic Meeting of Asian LGBTs: May 8 forum at Center examines agenda, looks toward national advocacy voice (Mick Meenan, GCN, 5.16.2003)

Brooklyn Gay Democrats Turn 25 (by Mick Meenan, Gay City News, 4.18.03)

Inspiring Future Activists: Today’s Leaders in the Gay Community (Live Out Loud forum, 4.10.03)

GenderTalk Radio #405: Nancy Nangeroni & Gordene O. MacKenzie interview Pauline Park (3.31.03)

Making Transgender-Inclusive U. Policy (Urbana-Champaign Intependent Media Center, 2.18.03)

Guilty Plea in Amanda Milan Killing (by Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 11.15.02)

Getting Legal, and a Job (by Jane S. Van Ingen, Gay City News, 10.18.02)

Time Short on ESPA Call (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 9.27.02)

Transgender Law Making Strides (, 8.6.02),2933,59643,00.html

New Push in Queens: Activists launch new LGBT Democratic club targeting disenfranchised communities (GCN, 8.1.02)

New Gay Dem Club (Political Page, Queens Gazette, 7.31.02)

Gays Form Core of Political Club (GVIDCQ) (by Nicole Bode, New York Daily News, 7.30.02)

The Transgender Schism (letter to the editor, Gay City News, 7.16.02)

Transgendered people gaining acceptance in gay and lesbian community (Soyoung Ho, Columbia News Service, 7.7.2002):

In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Park (The Gully, 7.2.2002):

Divisions on the Gender Front (letter to the editor, Gay City News, 7.26.02)

Pride & Division in Queens (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 6.28.02)

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Hearings Held on NYC Bill to Ban Anti-Transgender Discrimination
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