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Pauline Park in the media & on the web

Walter Masterson interview with Pauline Park at the drag story hour defense outside the Elmhurst branch of Queens Public Library (6.20.23)

40% of AAPI LGBTQ youths have considered suicide in last year, report says (by Tat Bellamy-Walker, NBC News, 4.20.22)

Pauline Park interview with Kate Frey (1.5.19)

Trump’s first trans refugee seeking asylum in Sweden (Pauline Park, Washington Blade & Los Angeles Blade, 11.21.18)

Redefining Pride: Mia Nakano Collects Stories for Revolutionary Archives (Emily Homes, KQED, 9.11.18)

Cuomo has key LGBT support as Nixon launches primary challenge (Washington Blade, 4.4.18)

Pauline Park and Schuyler Swenson (10.23.16)

Unlikely gaysian romance (by Pauline Park, Washington Blade, 8.19.16)

Queens Marks Transgender Day of Remembrance (11.27.13)

Queens Marks Transgender Day of Remembrance

LGBT panelists discuss dual-minority issues as part of Asian Kaleidoscope Month (by Amanda Cohen, Alligator, 11.10.11)

New push in Queens: Activists launch new LGBT Democratic club targeting disenfranchised communities (by Paul Schindler, GCN, 8.1.09)

Gays Form Core of Political Club (by Nicole Bode, NY Daily News, 7.30.09)

The Brian Lehrer Show, the Stonewall riots & transgender rights (Big Queer Blog, 7.9.2009)


Not A Hate Crime?: Attack Victim, Transgender Advocates Seek Higher Charges For Assailants
(by Marvin Anderson, Queens Tribune, 7.8.09) http://www.queenstribune.com/feature/NotAHateCrimeAttackVictimT.html

Camps Emerging in Mayor’s Race (by Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 6.25.09)

Withers: What is Pride weekend without a little protest? (By James Withers, 365gay.com, 6.28.09)

From Stonewall to Gay Marriage (Brian Lehrer Show forum on the LGBT movement, 6.23.09)

Follow-Up Friday: Transgender Rights and Cell Phones and Planes (Brian Lehrer Show interview with Pauline Park, 6.26.09)

LGBT Groups Throw Support Behind Thompson (NY1 News, 6.21.09)

Putting the B in LGBT (Out-FM interview with Sheela Lambert about the Bi Writers Association’s summit (5.30.09), WBAI Radio, 6.15.09)

Tambalean bodas gay (by Carmen Alarcón, El Diario/La Prensa, 6.10.09)

Pride Agenda’s LGBT Equality and Justice Day in Albany (by Andres Duque, Blabbeando, 4.30.2009)

New Yorkers Lobby Albany for Equality and Justice Day in Record Numbers (by Kat Long, New York Blade, 5.1.2009)http://theblade.net/web/1169#more-1169

New Gay Dem Club (by John Toscano, Political Page, Queens Gazette, 7.31.02)

Queering The Lines (by Grace Moon, OurChart.com, 11.14.07)

A loo of one’s own (by Tamiko Beyer, The Indypendent, 6.15.05)

Birth Certificate Policy Must Reflect Reality of Trans Lives (GCN, 11.16.06)

Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy
(Benjamin H. Barton, Michigan Law Review, Volume 104, Number 6 (2006)(citation of blog post in footnote 71)

Is Tony Blair Spun Out? (The Gully, 9.5.03)

Gay Bishop Roils Anglican Unity: Can a schism be avoided? (The Gully, 8.14.03)

Parking rights: Pauline Park is fighting for transgender rights (by Kevin Allison, New York Blade, 7.18.03)

Idealist’s ‘New York 40’ list (Idealist in NYC, 9.29.08)

Rhode Island film fest features GLBT-themed movies (by Joe Siegel, Edge Providence, 7.28.08) http://www.edgeprovidence.com/index.php?ch=entertainment&sc=movies&sc2=features&sc3= movies&id=78080

“Journeys Across Race, Place, and Time”
(By Jee LeongKoh, Song of a Reformed Headhunter blog site, 10.9.08) http://jeeleong.blogspot.com/2008/10/journeys-across-race-place-and-time.html

New York City Human Rights Initiative (NYCHRI) blog: LGBT Rights as Human Rights

Pauline Park makes Idealist in NYC’s ‘New York 40’ list (Idealist in NYC, 9.29.08)

More Sparring Over Bullying (By Andy Humm, GCN, 9.11.08)

London Transgender Film Festival (8.11.2008) http://transgenderfilmfestival.co.uk/wp/2008/10/sat-81108-session-3-shorts-program-2/

Alternative Gender Expression (YouTube, 7.22.08) – Samara Riviera interviews with Pauline Park and others at the opening of the “Strike a Pose!” exhibition of transgender and genderqueer art at the Leslie/Lohman Gallery in Manhattan, 7.16.08) Link

Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman (review by Lincoln Madison, Film Queen Review, 6.23.08) Link

Buck Angel, A Man With a Pussy: LGB Without the T (By Michael Lavers, Village Voice, 6.17.08) Link

Education Professor Featured in New Documentary (Lehman College e-news, 5.19.08) Link

Coming Out in Color: Pauline Park (Bloggernista.com, 10.11.07) Link

NYC Birth Certificate Policy Unfair to Transgendered (op-ed by Dennis DeLeon and Pauline Park, NYB, 09.07.07) Link

Activism and the Consciousness of Difference (autobiographical chapter (Ch. 13, pp. 93-100) in Kevin Kumashiro (ed.), Restoried Selves: Autobiographies of Queer Asian/Pacific American Activists (New York, London, Oxford: Harrington Park Press, 2004) Link

Activism and the Consciousness of Difference (buy the book through Powell’s) Link

Giuliani & Transgender Rights: The Untold Story (By Pauline Park, 7.1.07) Link

Thompson Broadens Gender Effort (By Paul Schindler, Gay City News, 1.4.07) Link

“The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism” by J. Michael Bailey, review by Pauline Park (2007) Link

The Authentic Life (commentary on “Brokeback Mountain” and the philosophy of Thoreau) (New York Blade, 4.17.06) Link

Follow Up on Clinton’s Gender Rights Comments (letter to the editor, Gay City News, 11.9.06) Link

Peasants, Pitchforks, and Dracula (Romanian travelogue) (Gay City News, 10.27.05) Link

Gender at its Core: Freedom of expression and the debate over identity politics (Gay City News, 9.5.2003) Link

Gay Bishop Roils Anglican Unity: Can a schism be avoided?
(The Gully, 8.14.2003) Link

Sympathy, But Finding Pathology: A new study on transsexualism challenges community’s views, creating stir (Gay City News, 5.30.2003) Link

Twilo’s Gender Gap: Dismissed Dancers May Finally Get Their Day in Court (By Tony Phillips, Village Voice, 4.3.01) Link

Issues of Transgendered AAPIs: testimony submitted to the President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs (Pauline Park and John Manzon-Santos, October 2000) Link

Did Hate Kill? Advocates Say Slurs Show Bias in Transgender Murder (By Chisun Lee, Village Voice, 7.11.00) Link