Cinquantenaire 50th birthday celebration (11.4.10)

Pauline speaking at 50th birthday party

On Nov. 4, nearly a hundred people crowded into the William Bennett Gallery to help me celebrate my 50th birthday and to support the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy(NYAGRA) and the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF).

Michael Silverman, the executive director of Transgender Legal, and Therese Rodriguez, executive director of the Asian/Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS (APICHA) gave speeches, as did I. Folks from APICHA brought sushi, water, soda and juice for the occasion, and we were surrounded by works of art by the great Salvador Dali.

Michael & Pauline (small)Michael Silverman talks about the work of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF)

Among those present were Council Member Gale Brewer, who represents the Upper West Side in the New York City Council and who was a co-sponsor of the transgender rights law enacted by the Council in 2002; Paul Kobrak from the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene; Jarron Magallanes, Robert Murayama, Ding Parajon & Charlie Solidum of APICHA; Jarad Ringer of the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP); Audie Edwards, Charles Ober & John Petrozino of Queens Pride House; Yanira Arias, Juan David Gastolomendo, Daniel Ravelo & Jose Tineo of the Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA); Weiben Wang of the Gay Asian & Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY); Aries Liao, Kira Tzong & Un Jung Lim of Q-Wave; Vic Bach, Carlos Valldereuten &Warren Wyss of the Philosophy Forum; Terry Boggis of the LGBT Community Center; Justus Eisfeld of Global Advocates for Trans Equality (GATE); Alta Avoir, Nancy La Mar & Lucille Spencer of CrossDressers International (CDI); Rita Petite, TLDEF’s bookkeeper & organizer of the NYC Transgender Meet-Up Group; drag entertainer Lady Clover Honey; Veronica Vera of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls; photographer Mariette Pathy Allen; journalist Andy Humm of Gay USA; and Michael Stafford, the newest member of the TLDEF board of directors.

APICHA staff with Pauline at 50th birthday (11.4.10)Charlie Solidum, Jarron Magallanes, Therese Rodriguez & Robert Murayama represented APICHA at the event.
(photo by Dae Kim)

And we sold copies of my new compact disc of piano music, “Barricades Mysterieuses.” In fact, the event became the occasion for the release of the new CD. (For copies of the CD, use the contact page of this website.)

CD cover (small)

Yanira Arias & Juan David Gastolomendo from the Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) as well as Amanda Rosenblum & Stephanie Hsu helped me bring the CDs to the gallery, and Charlie Ober of Queens Pride House helped me bring the unsold CDs back to Queens afterwards.

Thanks to all who attended and to all who made this event possible~!

Therese Rodriguez speaking at 50th birthday partyTherese gave a wonderful speech about APICHA and about my work with the organization over the years.
(photo by Dae Kim)

Cesar & Dae at the William Bennett Gallery (11.4.10)Cesar Faigal & photographer Dae Kim

Stephanie Hsu & Amanda Rosenblum (11.4.10) (small)

Stephanie Hsu and Amanda Rosenblum handled all the CD sales and donations to NYAGRA and TLDEF.

50th birthday party at the William Bennett Gallery (11.4.10)

Nancy, Cleopatra (in leopard skin fur), Alta, Lucille & several other members of Cross Dressers International (CDI) joined me for this special event.
(photo by Dae Kim)

Ed Kennelly & Arturo Reyes (11.4.10)

Ed Kennelly & Arturo Reyes Rodriguez

50th birthday guestbook (11.4.10)

guestbook greetings & birthday wishes

Lucille Spenser at Wm. Bennett Gallery (11.4.10)

Lucille Spencer of CDI

Paul Kobrak, Juan David Gastolomendo & Jarad Ringer

Paul Kobrak, Juan David Gastolomendo & Jarad Ringer

Audie Edwards at 50th birthday party (11.4.10)

Audie Edwards, secretary of the board of directors of Queens Pride House

Phil Velez, Richard Lozada & Andy Humm (11.4.10)

Phil Velez, Richard Lozada & Andy Humm

William Bennett Gallery (11.4.10) (small)

The William Bennett Gallery was full of friends and supporters of NYAGRA & TLDEF.

50th birthday panorama (Tak) (small)A panoramic view of the gallery.

50th birthday panorama 2 (Tak) (small)Another panoramic view of the gallery.

Therese Rodriguez at 50th (by Tak) (small)Therese Rodriguez talking about the work of APICHA & Pauline’s involvement with it.

Therese Rodriguez of APICHA at 50th (Tak) (small)Pauline standing with Therese Rodriguez as she talks about APICHA’s work.

Therese Rodriguez at 50th birthday (Tak) (small)


How often do you turn 50…? Only once (at least in my case). Back when I was born, Ike & Mamie were still in the White House; now Barack & Michelle live there. The times they are a-changing~!

So I’m throwing the birthday party of the century — well, at least the birthday party celebrating my first half century. The party will be at the beautiful William Bennett Gallery in Soho on Thursday, November 4 from 7-9 p.m.

Of that 50 years, at least 14 have been devoted to LGBT activism, including advocacy work through the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA) and the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF). In lieu of birthday gifts, a contribution to help support the work of these two organizations that have been so much a part of my life for the last decade would be most appreciated. Donations can be made through the New York Charities Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office to either Transgender Legal or NYAGRA.

I hope you’ll make my birthday celebration complete by joining me on November 4~!

William Bennett Gallery entrance

William Bennett Gallery
65 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012-4336

35 thoughts on “Cinquantenaire 50th birthday celebration (11.4.10)

  1. Wonderful Pauline and am looking forward to celebrating with you. Best, David

  2. Congratulations Pauline! Arturo and I look forward to celebrating this joyous event with you. Yours fondly, Ed

  3. Looking forward to joining you, Pauline! (excellent picture by the way – I like the blue)

  4. Pauline! You have been a great teacher for me, an example of dedication, discipline and intelligence. You are a woman I admire and respect for what you offer to the people around you. I truly wish you have a wonderful celebration because you deserve it. I wish I could be there but from Mexico I send you all my love. Feliz Cumpleaños!

  5. Hi Pauline! I wish I could attend your party, but I moved to San Diego last year!! I hope you have a great time and stay in touch. – Ethan

  6. Most Happy Birthday to you!!! Heck yeah I’ll be there and with contribution in hand (and probably a drink in the other!)

  7. Hi Pauline,

    I am looking forward to celebrating your birthday milestone and all of the amazing work that you do!

  8. I’m planning to be there. How can I miss such a wonderful, once-in-a-life time event?!

  9. Pauline!
    I’ll be there. I put it in ink!
    Celebrating you will be an honor.

  10. Hey Pauline,
    Congrats and we look forward to celebrating with you!

  11. Pauline! I don’t believe it, 50? No way! I would be happy to join in the celebration.

  12. Hi, Pauline!

    I will be honored to share your birthday celebration!


  13. Pauline, what a fabulous way to celebrate you and our world of struggles for justice! I plan to be there with my whole being. Gracias for such a fabulous way to honor a wonderful, beautiful half a century!

  14. I’d be delighted to attend – and great photo, incidentally!

  15. Happy birthday, Pauline. I’m excited about the party! See you Thursday.

  16. Happy Birthday Pauline! Congratulations on fifty trips around the sun, and here’s wishing you fifty more!

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