La Princesse de Cleves

La Princesse de Clèves

Jean-François Poron (le Duc de Nemours) & Marina Vlady (la Princesse de Clèves)

La Princesse de Clèves” is a 1961 film by Jean Delannoy starring the great Jean Marais as the Prince de Clèves, Marina Vlady as the Princesse de Clèves and Jean-François Poron as the Duc de Nemours. The great  features music by Georges Auric (of the distinguished group of composers known as ‘Les Six’), costumes by Pierre Cardin & Marcel Escoffier. The film is based on the great literary classic of 1678 by Madame de Lafayette, as adapted by the great Jean Cocteau. The opening ball scene, with the entire court dancing a stately sarabande, brings 16th century France to life in a way that I’ve not seen in any other film. Quelle élégance et quelle angoisse~!


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