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Tolkien & the Anglo-Saxon Heritage of Beowulf

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  Tolkien & the Anglo-Saxon Heritage of Beowulf by Pauline Park Much ink has been spilled about J.R.R. Tolkien’s interest in and debt to “Beowulf,” but of this one can be certain: the 20th century philologist’s reading of the great Anglo-Saxon poem had a profound influence on his literary imagination and output. In his authorized […]

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Pagan Republicans and Other Apparent Anomalies

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Dan Halloran performing a pagan ritual; but are the other heathens registered Republican…? William James wrote of “The Varieties of Religious Experience” in 1902, long before the movement now known as ‘neo-paganism’ came into its own.¬†While I am not aware of any survey data on the matter, I suspect that most people, if asked, would […]