ESPA dishonors the LGBT community by honoring Chris Quinn & Louis Bradbury

ESPA dishonors the LGBT community by honoring Chris Quinn & Louis Bradbury
By Pauline Park

The Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation will be honoring Christine Quinn and Louis Bradbury at its annual fall dinner on Oct. 16, which is enough reason to boycott the dinner.

“As Chair of the Board of the Empire State Pride Agenda, which under his leadership helped to secure passage of The Dignity for All Students Act,” the announcement reads. I was on the steering committee of the New York State DASA Coalition and Louis Bradbury had zero involvement with that effort; the bill finally passed the New York State Senate when he was chair of the ESPA board, but enactment had nothing to do with him, and he’s just using his position as chair for yet further self-aggrandizement after he fired ESPA’s best executive director back in March 2012 in a sordid power struggle initiated by Bradbury that significantly undermined the organization’s credibility.

Chris Quinn is even less deserving of being honored, having disgraced the Speaker’s office with her slush fund scandal & having betrayed the LGBT community at every turn as well as the progressive political agenda she claimed to represent. The claim that “as Council Speaker, she was at the helm of some of our community’s most historic victories, including ensuring dignity and protections against bullying for all students, and New York’s momentous marriage victory in 2011,” also implies something quite false. Chris Quinn had little if anything to do with the marriage bill passing — the Speaker of the New York City Council has no authority in the state Senate — and she did nothing but sign her name to the New York City Dignity in All Schools (NYC DASA) bill as a co-sponsor; I was on the NYC DASA Coalition steering committee and Chris Quinn didn’t lift a finger to help us get the bill passed, which actually passed during Gifford Miller’s speakership, not Quinn’s; in fact, after NYC DASA was enacted, she conspired with Mayor Bloomberg to block its implementation by the NYC Department of Education (NYC DoE); so to give her credit for NYC DASA’s enactment is doubly false.

Truth does not come from falsity and honoring the dishonorable only dishonors the LGBT community that the Pride Agenda claims to represent; honoring Chris Quinn and Louis Bradbury by making false claims about their achievements is a disgraceful act.



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