Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett: Shilling for Iran

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Hillary Mann Leverett, apologist for murder Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett are the voice of Iran in Washington — not the voice of the Iranian people, mind you, but the voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran — apologists for the repression, torture, and murder of the Iranian people by a tyrannical regime; as such, […]

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Al-Fatiha and the First North American LGBTQ Muslim Conference

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Isfahan: Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque First North American LGBTQ Muslim Conference Held in New York By Pauline Park Lesbian & Gay New York (LGNY) 3 June 1999 Think “Islam and homosexuality.” The mind immediately conjures up images of a gay man in Iran being stoned to death by an angry mob while an imam fulminates against the abomination of men […]