Giuliani & Transgender Rights: The Untold Story

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La Rudia Giuliani & Transgender Rights: The Untold Story by Pauline Park 10 July 10 2007 As Rudolph William Louis Giuliani pursues his candidacy for for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, the former mayor of New York City is almost invariably described by the mainstream media as “pro-gay rights.” That reputation is largely based on a […]

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Pagan Republicans and Other Apparent Anomalies

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Dan Halloran performing a pagan ritual; but are the other heathens registered Republican…? William James wrote of “The Varieties of Religious Experience” in 1902, long before the movement now known as ‘neo-paganism’ came into its own. While I am not aware of any survey data on the matter, I suspect that most people, if asked, would […]